1.5.19024.1 - 2019-01-25


  • #19 - Added MessageDialog APIs to new XPlat.UI.Popups library

  • #36 - Added Package APIs to new XPlat.ApplicationModel library

  • #41 - Added Color API to new XPlat.UI library

  • #42 - Added ColorHelper API to new XPlat.UI library

  • #43 - Added Colors API to new XPlat.UI library

  • #40 - Added AnalyticsInfo and AnalyticsVersionInfo APIs to new XPlat.Device.Profile library


1.4.18299.4 - 2018-10-26


  • Added Launcher component for Windows in XPlat.Device.Launcher

  • Added RequestCodeHelper for aiding with Android intents to XPlat.Core

  • Implemented Properties properties on StorageFile and StorageFolder for Windows in XPlat.Storage


  • Issue 26 - Port to .NET Standard

    • All projects have been moved to .NET Standard 1.4 and use multi-targeting to provide platform specific code.

    • XPlat.Storage library has split out into XPlat.Storage and XPlat.Storage.Pickers libraries to be inline with Windows SDK

    • XPlat.Media library has been renamed to XPlat.Media.Capture to be inline with Windows SDK

    • Launcher class in XPlat.Device.Launcher is no longer static and implements an interface for better cross-platform-ability

    • NSDate and NSObject extensions for iOS moved to XPlat.Core

  • Marked the ParseHelper class as obsolete with plan to remove in a future release.


1.3.18257.3 - 2018-09-14